Giving Voice to Social Change

Online event production designed to develop awareness for a wide range of social change initiatives – create works that bring hope and illuminate the depth of human potential.

At the Intelligent Heart Collective we generate creative solutions that support leaders and organizations to enhance connection, innovation and communication.  We help organizations like yours figure out the tools and then use them to create your next project and reach that goal.

Due to Covid-19, normal awareness initiatives and fundraising methods have become impossible. Even after the rules have changed and more people can gather, many say they will be very cautious over the next couple of years and not attend events where people are gathering indoors.  We would like to propose an alternate way to gather your supporters, create a sense of community, and reconnect those who believe in your cause as well as introduce your initiative to others in a new and engaging way.

Our live-event online opportunities are designed to create corporate and social awareness, brand awareness, generate sales and drive charity fundraisers.

Using an online event that entertains, engages, and is interactive with your target audience is a great alternative to traditional gatherings at this time.  Through seamless integration of Zoom, Youtube, Facebook, and other social platforms, we create an environment tailored to our clients’ needs, in a robust experiential event. Through a combination of live hosts, experts, key speakers, pre-recorded materials from remote locations, entertainment-oriented participants, to live interactive elements, we facilitate an “experience” – where the audience engages in feelings of being part of the group who are helping and contributing.  Together, they unite, yet virtually, they stay safe, as we create a fun way to achieve objectives, while keeping your contributors involved, entertained and excited.

Our Road to the Lemon Grove Father’s Day event is an example of a one-hour online event, we designed to create awareness of a soon to be released movie, while simultaneously fundraising for the Red Cross to assist Italian communities affected by the pandemic. We set the event around Father’s Day, and our goal was to create a sense of unity by reuniting the Italian community during this time of social distancing. This event was live, yet integrated numerous pre-recorded elements. It multicast on Zoom, YouTube and Facebook and had an audience of nearly 8000 live-event, interactive viewers.

Recent Projects

Road to the Lemon Grove

Episode 5 – part of 4 different kid’s series’ we wrote, produced and created (1st Series – Superhero Based, 2nd Series – Documentary Style, 3rd Series – Iron Chef Style, 4th Series – Exploration/Lifestyle). 

T O in 2 4 – A day in the life of a city. Exemplifying humanities global interconnectedness.