Conscious Leadership Training and Retreats

Designed to support individuals, teams and organizations to lead and profound systemic and personal transformation to develop their genius and contribute to the overall health of the organization. Our range of training includes:

  • Mindfulness and awareness practices designed for leaders who are called to remain responsive in an ever-changing landscape
  • Support the development of strong teams, dynamic healthy connections, and overall job satisfaction
  • Expand Pivot Capacity – supporting our ability to be agile, and co-creative in changing and complex situations
  • Ability to not only manage stress but thrive in demanding situations
  • Expanded Emotional Intelligence – improving communication, and supporting positive conflict resolution
  • Tools for daily practice to strengthen the muscle of attention and improve focus
  • Improve stress resilience, inspire innovation and enhance quality of life
  • Deepen our capacity to inspire, lead, and be compassionate creators of social good in a world that needs us