Andrea Aeberhardt

Andrea Aeberhardt, B.A., B.Sc., D.O.(UK) has been training and working in the world of health and healing since 1993. It was at university that Andrea found meditation as a critical tool for working with the mind. It was this connection that grew Andrea’s interest in the mind/body connection and motivated her to change her path from a pursuit of conventional medicine to more traditional or lineage-based medicines.  Andrea has studied with a number of teachers in authentic traditions. These experiences eventually led her to her the ESO in the UK, where she completed her Diploma in Osteopathy. It is through the immersive practice of the science and art of embodiment that Andrea has found her home in the world of healing.  Andrea truly believes that we have all the ingredients we need innate in us, in our own experience, to be able to find our true health.